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U.S. vs. Algeria Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for today's Group C game between the U.S. and Algeria. My name is Sergio Gonzalez, and I'll be your guide through the 90 mins of action that starts at 10 a.m. ET from Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Tshwane/Pretoria. Just refresh this page often for all the updates.

94' -- IT'S OVER: The U.S. has moved on!!! Donovan's dramatic late finish has not only propelled the Americans into the next round, they have won the group and will face the second place team of Group D (Germany, Serbia, Australia, Ghana).

Congratulations to Bob Bradley and his team. They deserved the win and have made a negative situation forced upon them by bad officiating into a resilliant, positive moment for U.S. Soccer.

93' -- A red card for Algeria captain Yahia in a confusing scene where several Algerian players argued a foul called on them in front of the referee. The captain had a yellow already and received a second, sending him off. England and Slovenia are done with the score 1-0. This reult would send the U.S. through as the winners of the group.

92' -- THE U.S. HAVE DONE IT! An Algerian chance in the U.S. box resulted in a fast-attacking counter led by Donovan. A four-on-three chance resulted in a shot by Dempsey that was stopped, but the rebound found Donovan with a clear goal to shoot at and he finshed it! A deserved finish for the Americans who still need to hold on for two minutes.

90' -- Four minutes added on by the referee.

89' -- It's Hail Mary time for the U.S. and Algeria. A long drive by Howard from box to box found Buddle with a chance, but he did poorly with it and his pass backward to try to find Altidore had little chance of finding him. He had posession of the ball in the Algeria box, but did not finish well at all.

88' -- The Algerians take their first shot in what seems like forever from the top of the box, but it goes way high and wide.

87' -- Both sides are far from goal now, which benefits nobody but the English and Slovenians.

85' -- Matmour off for Algeria. Striker Rafik Sifi on. That's a striker for a striker.

83' -- Mehdi Lacen "takes out" a streaking Altidore for a profressional foul that stopped a promising U.S. chance. His second card of the first round would result in him missing the next match. It was a strong, but smart foul as Altidore was streaking into the box. Dempsey's free kick was poor and high.

82' -- Dempsey comes off the field to get some medical attention after being elbowed in the mouth by an Algerian defender. Nobody saw it in live action, but the stray elbow could have resulted in a red card for the Algerian. Dempsey was bloodied up on the play.

80' -- DeMarcus Beasley comes on for the U.S. in place of Bornstein. The U.S. will try to use Beasley's speed up the wing to try to get some crosses in to Altidore and Co.

77' -- Dempsey was fouled in a promising for a free-kick about 25-yards out. The U.S. tried an indirect chance with two touches on it before Bradley drove a line drive that was pushed aside by the Algerian keeper. A strong shot by Bradley, but with little direction.

76' -- Algeria's captain Antar Yahia was carded for an aggresive challenge on Altidore. Altidore stayed down a moment, but was able to get up and play on. 

75' -- Kadir fouled Altidore just outside the Algeria box for a promising free kick. Donovan did not fire on goal with the ball too far out wide to the left of the box, but the cross was good. It was headed too high and the game remains 0-0.

73' -- Hassan Yebda found room to dribble up the middle in the U.S. zone, but decided to rip one from about 40 yards out that sailed away harmlessly.

72' -- A FIFA graphic just showed that the U.S. is leading the shot count 7-2. It's still 0-0 where it counts, though.

71' -- Algeria suffered a scare as a foot-finding cross from the right side glanced off the foot of defender Madjid  Bougherra and looked dangerous before going over the goal for a corner. The corner resulted in nothing for the U.S.

68' -- A bad goal kick by Algeria created a good chance for the U.S. a cross from Cherundolo to Buddle nearly resulted in a goal, but a point-blank save made up for the Algerian keeper. Algeria came right back and had a decent chance of their own, but a shot up the right side of the U.S. penalty box was low and well wide.

66' -- A good dribbling chance by Feilhaber down the right side of the Algeria box created a good chance, but the shot was pushed aside for a corner. Algeria made a change to bring on a striker (Abdelkader Ghezzal) as they'll look to become more aggressive up front.

65' -- Bob Bradley makes his first sub of the game for the U.S. Edson Buddle on and Maurice Edu came off. Edu was not nearly as influential in this game as he was against Slovenia, but it was a good effort.

63' -- Bocanegra cleared a dangerous cross that nearly found a streaking Djebbour just in front of Howard's goal. That could have been very dangerous had Bocanegra not gotten a foot on it.

62' -- Altdore got a little antsy and fouled Rafik Halliche in the attacking zone. He was carded for it, but it did not look to be a card-worthy foul.

60' -- The game is starting to open up at both ends, but the U.S. is controling what their is of midfield play. Their chances are coming, but the finishing will have to improve. So far, everybody that has gotten close has looked tense and uneasy.

57' -- The U.S. hit the post! Should have been 1-0 (or 2-0 if you count the offside goal that should have counted). A strong defensive recovery by Bradley started a counter for the U.S. The attack came down the left side, but the ball found Dempsey alone up the middle of the Algeria box without a defender. He hesitated a bit on his finish, but put a good shot on net to the right post. It bounced off and back to him, but his second attempt was nervy and went high and wide. That should have been a goal.

55' -- Algeria has been picking their spots to attack in the second half, but when they do they have been able to get deep into the U.S. zone with dribbles up either side. So far, no real chances.

53' -- In the second half so far, the roles have switched. It is Algeria that is compact and content to sit back in their own zone and the U.S. with the posession, but nowhere to go really.

52' -- Algeria earned their fifth corner of the match. The Americans have just one to this point. Despite allowing two headers by Algeria in their own box, the U.S. escape without a serious shot on goal.

50' -- The U.S. is pushing up the field early in the half, but Algeria has looked somewhat dangerous on a couple of counterattack chances. The latest resulted in a corner kick for Algeria. Algerian defender Rafik Halliche had a good header chance, but he was impeded by good defense by DeMerit.

48' -- The U.S. had a free kick from about 40 yards out. Instead of trying a straight shot or cross, they tried a designed touch and cross to the top of the box. It beared no results.

47' -- Matmour got free down the left side again. His finish went awry and he was offside, but Cherundolo's constant attacking up the right side for the U.S. has created gaps in the back on that side that Algeria has tried to take advantage of.

46' -- The second half is underway. Bornstein streaked down the left side and put up a nice cross, but nobody was on the other end of it.

HALFTIME -- Here is an update on what the group looks like at the half:

England - 5 points, +1 goal difference
Slovenia - 4 points, 0 goal difference
United States - 3 points, 0 goal difference
Algeria - 2 points, -1 goal difference

As it stands, England and Slovenia would go through. The U.S. would own a tiebreaker against the English if they are both even in points and goal difference as the U.S. have more goals (to this point). The U.S. has scored three goals. The English have two, so far.

HALFTIME -- The ref blows the whistle for halftime just after a deep cross by Algeria goes just beyond the reach of a header by Djebbour. The two sides go back to their locker rooms tied at 0-0, needing a win to move on if the England score (1-0) holds. Both teams had good chances. The Algerians hit a volley off the cross bar and the U.S. had a goal disallowed that looked to be onside. Should be a heck of a finish.

45' -- The fourth official has shown 1' of added time.

43' -- Karim Ziani showed some nice individual effort to create a chance out of nothing for Algeria. He dribbled from the left side all the way up the middle and decided to rip a shot from about 35 yards out. It sailed high and wide, however.

41' -- Cherundolo has been able to get free down the right side often. His latest chance saw a cross that was too deep into the Algeria penalty box and was easily intercepted.

40' -- After the U.S. saw two great chances just moments apart, the game has settled down a bit. Algeria still has a bit more of the posession than the U.S. 

37' -- An excellent give-and-go by Donovan and Bradley created an excellent chance for the U.S. into the six-yard box, but Altidore's heavy shot blew a golden opportunity. The ball bounced in between Donovan and Altidore, but the aggressive striker chose to take the shot and went with power over placement. That could have been the lead for the U.S., who desparately need it.

36' -- Donovan feeds a nice ball down the left side into Algeria's penalty box, but Dempsey's shot was saved.

35' -- The right side of the U.S. defense continues to be the focus of Algeria's attacks. Most of their promising chances have come down that side.

33' -- Cherundolo creates a promising situation for the U.S. by getting free down the right side and centering a cross to the top of the box. Dempsey's header went off the back of a U.S. player. The resulting rebound was haplessly fired high by Donovan on a tough half volley attempt.

31' -- A promising cross by Algeria down the right side was headed away by DeMerit. Algeria had not attacked much down the right side of the field before this.

27' -- In case you are wondering, this is what the group looks like right now. England (5 points), Slovenia (4 points), United States (3 points), Algeria (2 points). So both Algeria and the U.S. need to attack. Nobody can sit back here.

26' -- The U.S. got another tough break. A foul on Dempsey was called at midfield, but Altidore had a break on that would have been a bit dangerous at the least. He was unhappy with the lack of advantage given by the ref.

23' -- To rehash, these two results as they stand, would eliminate the U.S. Still plenty of time to go. And remember, this game could be 1-0 for the U.S. if that goal weren't disallowed. To be fair, it was a tough call to make live. It took a second replay for me to see he was on.

22' ENGLAND GOAL IN PORT ELIZABETH. England leads 1-0 on a goal by Jermaine Defoe. A SECOND replay of the disallowed U.S. goal, however, actually showed Dempsey was onside. That goal should have counted, folks! Not again for the U.S. with these refs.

21' -- The U.S. nearly made it 1-0. A good run by Altidore and Bradley up the middle created a rebound for Gomez down the right side of the Algeria box. He crossed a shot/foot-finder across goal that found Dempsey for an easy finish. Before the U.S. could start celebrating, though, the play was whisteled dead for offside. The replay showed it was the right call, but it was by a hair.

20' -- The U.S. seem alright with letting Algeria control the posession early on. There is no pressing by U.S. forwards until after Algeria crosses the halfway line.

17' -- The U.S. is enjoying their best little run of the match so far. Donovan let one rip from around 35 yards out, but the Jabulani took off on him like it has on so many others.

16' -- Gomez attempted a half volley on a cross that went from the right wing all the way to the other side of the Algeria penalty box. It was a nice effort, but the end result was a shot that went well high of the net.

13' -- Yebda was too iptimistic, taking a shot from about 40 yards out that never got off the ground and rolled harmlessly out of play. Algeria is enjoying more play in the U.S. zone than vice-versa, however.

15' -- A cross by Altidore looked promising off his foot, but Algeria's keeper came far off his line to intercept it.

12' -- Corner for Algeria. Good defending by the U.S. on set pieces so far. On the ensuing break chance for the U.S., Yebda fouled Altidore and received the first yellow of the game. He was one of the Algerian's on suspension watch and would miss the team's next match.

9' -- The U.S. defense is letting Djebbour run too freely. He got free down the left wing this time and fired a shot that went just wide. That will have to be corrected soon.

9' -- Clint Dempsey's free kick from about 40 yards sails way over the net. Outside of a Korea free kick goal on Tuesday, free kicks have been horrible at this World Cup.

7' -- The U.S. answered Algeria's salvo quickly. Gomez fired a shot from about 35 yards out that was pushed aside by the keeper.

6' -- First big chance of the game goes to Algeria. Rafik Djebbour was clear and free in the U.S. box at around the penalty spot. His volley attempt got by Howard, but it crashed on the cross bar. First scare for the U.S.

5' -- Maurice Edu intercepted a bad pass by Algeria in their own half, but a quick three-on-three chance for the U.S. did not evolve into much.

3' -- Algeria had a free kick about 40 yards out and loaded the U.S. penalty box with attackers, but a bad service cross resulted in no threat at all.

1' -- Quick up-and-down action early on. Landon Donovan streaks down the right wing and puts in a nice cross, but it was intercepted by the Algerian keeper.

1' -- Karim Matmour attempts a half volley from about 10 yards outside of the box. It sailed harmlessly over Tim Howard's net.

1' -- Belgian referee Frank De Bleekere blows his whistle and we're off. The U.S. in all white left to right on your blog screen. Algeria is in all green.

9:57 am -- Algerian players sang the anthem with arms around each other's shoulders. The formalities are out of the way, it's time for game action in Pretoria. England and Slovenia are getting ready to get under way in Port Elizabeth.

9:55 am -- U.S. players sang the anthem, left hand on their hearts, right hands on the shoulder of the player in front of them.

9:53 am -- The teams are out of the tunnel to the sound of vuvuzelas. It's anthem time in Pretoria.

9:51 am -- Former president Bill Clinton is in attendance tonight. He wasn't even there to present Brazil the World Cup in 1994 (Al Gore made the presentation). Just another sign of how big this game is for the U.S.

9:34 am -- Suspension watch: Robbie Findley is serving his mandated one-game suspension today for having received two yellow cards in the first two games. Steve Cherundolo and Jay DeMerit are on yellow cards as well for the U.S. Mehdi Lacen and Hassan Yebda are on yellows for Algeria.

BREAKING NEWS: I've just been informed that the U.S. will be making a change in the back, with Oguchi Onyewu not in today's starting lineup -- likely do to a lack of match fitness that was evident in the first two group games.  Jonathan Bornstein will take his place. Two other changes: Hercules Gomez will replace suspended striker Robbie Findley and Maurice Edu will replace Jose Torres in the midfield.

Here are today's lineups:

UNITED STATES: 1-Tim Howard; 6-Steve Cherundolo, 15-Jay DeMerit, 12-Jonathan Bornstein, 3-Carlos Bocanegra; 10-Landon Donovan, 4-Michael Bradley, 19-Maurice Edu, 8-Clint Dempsey; 17-Jozy Altidore, 9-Hercules Gomez.

ALGERIA: 23-Rais Ouheb Mbouli; 2-Majid Bougherra, 5-Rafik Halliche, 4-Antar Yahia, 3-Nader Belhadj, 21-Fouad Kadir, 19-Hassan Yebda, 8-Medhi Lacen, 15-Karim Ziani, 11-Rafik Djebbour, 13-Karim Matmour.

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